Node.js one can use JavaScript on the web server; this means we can write JS outside the browser. Furthermore, Node.js has the same power as JavaScript. And it is based on actions. We can form fast real-time apps like a chat, or an upload system, or any app that has to reply to big number of necessities.

So what can be Node.JS used for essentially?

Streaming data apps

e.g., file uploading in actual time, file encoding while uploading.

Single page applications

Progressive response times and sharing data between the server and the client make a good fit for such apps.

Web applications on server

Classic web applications on the server side, using Node.JS to carry HTML. One of the main assistances in this regard is more SEO-friendly content.


To deploy Node.js as proxy to handle networks in non-blocking way.

10 main reasons to use Node.js

  • Good for beginner web developers, JavaScript is simple to learn, rich framework (Angular, Node, Backbone, Ember)
  • It is too fast, due to Google innovative technologies and the event loop
  • Ability to keep data in native object notation(JSON) format in your database
  • Multiple modules like NPM, Grunt, etc. and supportive community
  • Good to create real-time apps, such as chats and games
  • Single free codebase
  • Excellent for data streaming, thus for audio and video files, as example
  • Sponsored by Linux Foundation, as well as PayPal account, Joylent, Microsoft
  • Extensive range of hosting options
  • JS is the longest running language, 99% of web developers know some of it

Basically, any professional using Node can: employ less developer, use less servers, and decrease page load times.