Discover the possibilities of Blockchain execution in your business. We enable trusted ecosystem with deep expertise in DLT including smart contracts, e-wallet apps and cryptocurrency web development.

Blockchain is a spread network commonly known as a public, scattered ledger for recording transactions and tracking both tangible and intangible assets.

Blockchain application web development is quickly gaining traction across multiple industries. Our experties can consult you on your Blockchain needs and help to expose different avenues where you can leverage Blockchain. Accurate from implementing cryptographic algorithms to auditing smart contracts, we can do it all. Our approach to scattered Blockchain application development decentralizes the request basis your custom needs, brings in high level of security and creates a network that helps to trace and verify connections. It helps to avoid fraud and double-spending. Our web developers have an understanding of multiple frameworks such as Ethereum and Hyperledger, among others.

Services :

We are one of the leading Blockchain service providers at Target Icon having expertise in ICO, wallet development and Blockchain based DApps.

Blockchain Consulting and Proof of Concept

We understand your overall business objectives, consult you on diverse avenues of Blockchain completion and build a proof of concept after validating the idea.

ICO Development Services

We cover the entire range of ICO development from token design conceptualization, to maintenance of composite ICO infrastructure and platform.

Blockchain based Distributed Application Development (DApp)

Right from designing an interactive frontend UI to a robust backend our DApp development answers all your requirements.

Smart Contracts, E-wallet & Exchange Platforms

Our Blockchain technology solutions include of developing smart contract management platforms, exchange platforms and secure e-wallets apps for multiple platforms.

Blockchain Cloud Services

With 200+ cloud implementations, we can easily integrate your Blockchain application with public and confidential cloud platforms.

QA and Testing

Our testing capabilities validate dispersed ledgers and app interfaces across multiple platforms. Our responsive and CICD led approach enables continuous testing of Blockchain applications.